episode 10 - swing dance and video technology

Modern swing dancing has been deeply influenced by the rapid dissemination of video content and the corresponding revolution in video recording technology: videos have become much easier to get and create, and that has turned them into a powerful learning tool, especially in remote communities.

On the other hand, the march of technology has resulted in oversaturation: every major event now spews forth dozens of videos; all competitions are thoroughly documented, all participants logged: it's getting increasingly difficult to choose what and who to watch. Questions are also being asked about whether video uniformity is killing individual styles.

We get down to the real nitty-gritty.

contributors to this episode

Jeannie Elliott, hardened swing dancer&instructor and leader of Cape Town Swing

Alain Wong, key swing dance videographer, organiser of Montreal Swing Riot 

Alina Sokulska, jazz dancer based in Kiev and St. Petersburg, IG HOP's Dancer in Residence#5

Jerry Almonte, veteran swing dancer and author of popular blog Wandering&Pondering

"I don't call myself a swing dancer, I don't call myself a mambo dancer, Afro dancer, any dancer."

Listen to our one-on-one interview with Alina

"I uploaded this video that same night, and it ended up getting so many views, you know you have a hit."

Listen to our one-on-one interview with Alain