episode 12 - Swing dance: art or what?

Swing dance isn't usually classified as art. This title is normally applied to ballet, tango, folk dance or contemporary dance. But is this fair? And does swing dance need to be on a par with these well-established and recognised dance genres? Is swing dance perhaps just a form of entertainment - or even a niche specialism? This and more in an episode packed with insight both from within and outside the swing community. 

contributors to this episode

Marina Losin, dancer, choreographer and researcher at ImPulsTanz, one of the largest contemporary dance festivals in the world

Gaby Cook, noted U.S. jazz dance performer and instructor

Anaïs Sékiné, swing dance performer and instructor based in Montreal; PhD researcher of modern swing dance culture

Peter Loggins, one of the pioneers of the swing dance revival, veteran performer and instructor

Camille A. Brown, award-winning U.S. dancer and choreographer and champion of black rights

"People have a smile on their face when they hear I'm researching swing dance."

Listen to our one-on-one interview with Anaïs

"Right now I see the Lindy Hop scene tucked away in this dance studio world, in this little shoebox."

Listen to our one-on-one interview with Peter